Banging on pots and pans like many kids, Kevin's interest in drumming started early. If it wasn't Animal on the Muppets or bites of John Bonham's deep pocket, his inspiration came from the need to produce sound by striking interest through responsive timbres. This led to a paper-head kit that lasted three days and a few clearance drums from Sears. Finally, in fourth grade, he started learning fundamental techniques and soon found himself playing in concert band, big band, drum line, small group jazz, and Afro-Caribbean ensemble.     ... next stop, University of North Texas. 

In 1999, Kevin packed up and went to Denton, TX where he studied percussion performance, music theory, and anthropology. He played in several acclaimed lab ensembles, including Jazz Singers, Zebras, and Latin Jazz. It was here that he learned how to be a professional musician, how to cope with the balance of making music for art and money, and what it means to be a player among players of varying talents and skill levels without losing sight of the expressive qualities individuals share. By 2009, Kevin's gigging schedule was averaging more than a hundred shows a year with about 8 to 10 bands as well as new opportunities on the horizon.

After playing auxiliary percussion for several groups in the DFW Metroplex, Kevin went back to the woodshed to hone his rock, blues, and Latin drum set styles when he started playing drums for Grammy artist Bubba Hernandez. This gig took his professionalism, standards, and view of the world of musical performance to a new level. Many of the lessons he learned from Hernandez mirrored those of Kevin's previous teachers, Norm Bergeron and Jose Aponte. "It was kind of like the final piece, the third point I needed to triangulate where I had to go to realize what kind of artist I am." Hernandez expected not only that Kevin play deep in the pocket, but that his inner artist surfaces, shows it's vulnerability, and makes something new, creative, and spontaneous. 

The next chapter is about Texas Country music. Kevin played drums on Mike Ryan's debut album, which is still spinning every week on 95.9 The Ranch, among other regional stations. While on a two-year break from a full gigging schedule, he met Matt Dunn and produced his first album, Black Lines. Currently, Kevin is playing drums for Clay Thrash, a Grange Records artist who his moving up the charts and having a great time. "The music business is like swimming across an unknown ocean. You only know how far you've come."